Skills Academy

Develop your child’s problem solving abilities and creativity to set them up for future success with fundamental coding, business, and digital skills.


About Us

The World is changing the mechanisms we know to be life today will be gone today help your children develop crucial skills to help create new career paths and entrepreneurial from 


The Fourth Industrial Revolution is coming these programs will ensure your child has a competive advatange 


This Program gathers important data using strengths and weaknesses to guide your child towards career or business interest’s that they like


Digital Media is now the primary option to convey and consume information. Helping your child understand the landscape early is our duty. Our Programs will not  only allow your child to curate content, but it help him create new markets

Free Orientation

Register for any course and enjoy a free, no-commitments class orientation with an expert tutor. We will introduce your child to the Elemenopy system, run a couple of lessons and get them slotted into the perfect class.


Coding and Programming

This will help you design arctitecture to enusure hardward works effiently 

Website Design

Creating Platforms to create new platforms 

Graphic Design

Learning and using design mechanisms to help you curate media at the highest level


Knowing how to capture the media accurately is a crucial component in convey

Machine Learning

Understanding Artificial intellegence and its capabilities  


Enpreship skills to nevigate any business model for the new digital landscape


Why Skills Academy?

Expertise + Experience

Skills  acadamy gives your child the competive advantage , not only from learning but also using their strengths and weaknesses to help enhance their skills and capabilities.

1 on 1 Lessons

We understand children are dynamic our 1 on 1 sessions cater for higher level of interactions , less distractions can ensure higher level of comprehension. 

Team Lessons

Team Work makes the dream work, our learning structures are designed to intergrate children together by asigning roles and responbilities towards tasks.

Portfolio Of Evidence

 Your child will design a Portfolio to show practical growth and their future intrests on the digitally land scape not only as an entreprneur but also in the job markert.